Christine Todd Christine Todd was born and raised in County Durham, England. After emigrating to the United States, she eventually found her way to beautiful Chicago. Her articles and stories appear in various US and UK publications, including: The Milwaukee Journal, Screentrade Magazine, The Yellow Room, Leaf Books Anthologiesand Flash Fiction Magazine. She has published two books: her debut novel Pins,  and her award-winning collection of short stories, Tornado Days. Visit her website at For book orders, please see the “Books” page on this site.
Jean-Michel Smith Jean-Michel Smith was born in Palo Alto, California, but considers Chicago his hometown.  After pursuing degrees in physics and engineering, he ultimately chose computer science before embarking on a career as a systems engineer and enterprise architect. His work has taken him to countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His essays on free culture and collaborative endeavor appear in Logs: micro-fondements d’émancipation sociale et artistique. His non-fiction book on mathematics and his science fiction novel are available worldwide. Visit his website at For book orders, please see the “Books” page on this site.