Tornado Days cover Tornado Days, stories by Christine Todd (Short fiction, 156 pages)

WINNER, Collection of Short Stories,  Illinois Woman’s Press Association (IWPA)

WINNER, Collection of Short Stories,  National Federation of Press Women (NFPW)

Whether she’s writing about an unscrupulous dentist, a courageous albino woman, a butcher with dark edges, or a grief-stricken couple, Christine Todd’s stories contain unexpected twists, and surprising “aha” moments. Like the bereaved couple in her title story, her characters live through their own “Tornado Days,” their lives changed forever, in an instant.


“This collection of stories is suspenseful and varied. The author shows a well-developed sense of the ridiculous and ironic, and makes use of unusual, unpredictable, and unsettling events. Her characters seem to be outsiders and go beyond the familiar types one often sees in stories.”
– National Federation of Press Women (NFPW)

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Sexagesimal Cover Pins, a novel by Christine Todd (Fiction, 352 Pages)

When Molly Makepeace Jamison discovers that her husband Bob has been stealing away her advertising agency while cavorting with his mistress of many years, she has good reason to adorn his effigy with a few sharp pins. After all, venting a little righteous anger can’t hurt anyone … can it?


“Pins is a beautifully written jewel of a novel … a great, uplifting read.”
-Jerry Cleaver, Immediate Fiction

A sprightly first novel … a witty writer … good at delineating characters and their motivations.”
-Shepherd Express

“I love the story and the humor.”
-Sally Zigmond, author of Hope Against Hope

“This is a witty, modern story set in Chicago … the writing is first class … it comes highly recommended.”
-Rebecca Tope, author of the Cotswold murder mystery series

“Plenty of humor … snappy style … a good read and definitely recommended.”
-Kathleen McGurl (aka Womagwriter), Brief Bits About Books

“Pins is a cracking read … delightful, absorbing book … highly recommended.”
-Jane Smith, How Publishing Really Works

“Detailed and engaging from the off … Christine Todd is the new Deborah Moggach.”
-Philip Turner, Screentrade Magazine

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Autonomy Cover Autonomy, a novel by Jean-Michel Smith (Science Fiction, 362 pages)

When Cal Sheldon puts himself into an artificial coma and loads his mind onto the advanced computer he and his university colleagues secretly designed, he leaves behind a dying Earth and discovers new life in the world they’ve created. This breakthrough gives rise to an underground community and launches an illegal scientific renaissance. But can they stay ahead of those who would destroy them? And do they have the courage to embrace a radical plan for survival, one that might give them the freedom they seek, but could cost them their very humanity?


“Thumbs up! Very entertaining. The ideas that he proposes are absolutely fascinating … and the Base-60 system, it’s fascinating!”
-Joey’s Culture Corner, TrekWest5

Solid craftsmanship … engaging … worth the time. I found myself eager to find out what happens next.”
-SF Signal

“Fast Paced … some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read!”

“Compelling story … a skillful writer … I was immediately entranced.”
-Goeff Lehr,

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Sexagesimal Cover S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System – Using Base-60 to Increase Arithmetic Intelligence by Jean-Michel Smith (Mathematics, 72 Pages)

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System is a detailed treatment and modernization of the ancient base-60 numerical system first developed by the Sumerians around 3100 BC. S3 combines ancient and modern mathematical concepts, unifying them with quantum physics and general relativity. The result is an innovative new system that enhances arithmetic intelligence and simplifies difficult physics concepts.


“Thumbs Up! The ideas [the author] proposes…the base-60 system, it’s fascinating!”
Joey’s Culture Corner, TrekWest5

“Very, very interesting and well explained.”
-Scott Nottingham, Goodreads

“Promoting a purer understanding of the relationships between space and time … 5 stars. The system is just that neat.”
-Patrick Louis,

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eBook: $5.99